Our Prices varies depending on size and complexity of the design.
For More than 50pax, please email us for quote.

You may email us : for quotation

· Cake serving based on 1.5” x 2” slice from cake
· Height of Standard cake @ 3”

Cream Based Single Tier Cake
10-12 pax
Fr S$70 onwards
12-16 pax
Fr S$85 onwards
15-20 pax
Fr S$100 onwards
20-25 pax
Fr S$125 onwards
30-35 pax
Fr S$150 onwards
35-40 pax
Fr S$170 onwards

Cream Based 2 Tier Cake
25-30 pax
5” + 8”
Fr S$175 Onwards
35-40 pax
6” + 9”
Fr S$200 Onwards
45-50 pax
6” + 10”
Fr S$230 Onwards

· Cake serving based on 1.5” x 2” slice from cake
· Height of Standard cake @ 3”

Fondant Based Single Tier Cake
10-12 pax
Fr S$90 Onwards
12-16 pax
Fr S$110 Onwards
15-20 pax
Fr S$130 Onwards
20-25 pax
Fr S$150 Onwards
30-35 pax
Fr S$175 Onwards
35-40 pax
Fr S$200 Onwards

Fondant Based 2 Tier Cake
25-30 pax
5” + 8”
Fr S$210 onwards
35-40 pax
6” + 9”
Fr S$240 onwards
45-50 pax
6” + 10”
Fr S$280 onwards

1) Prices above are basic price that includes the following:
- Standard size and shape specified above
- reasonable amount of decorations/basic design
- one set of name and “Happy Birthday” wordings laying flat on iced board
- Normal Candles and plastic knife 

Additional Charges on following items:
1) Numeric Candle @ S$2.00 per pc
Sample Link :

2) 3D handmold Numeric Candle with design @ S$3.00 per pc
Sample Link :

3) Iced/Fondant board
- Cake Board with Icing @ additional S$5 onwards
- Cake Board with Fondant @ additional S$10 onwards

4) Extension of cake board

5) Decorations on cake board

6) Non standard shape and sizes

7) 3D sculptured or irregular shapes of cakes
(ie. Handbag cake, 3D Train cake, flowers, Castle Design, Tree)

8) People molding

9) Additional of sugar decorations

10) Cartoon figurines (normally provided by customers)

11) Shopping of cake decorations on behalf of customer


How much do you charge for Cupcakes?  Sizes?


Mini Cupcake price range from S$2.20 onwards
- Min. quantity to order @ 25pcs (diameter of 3.5cm)

Standard Cupcake price range from S$2.80 onwards
- Min. quantity to order @ 12pcs (diameter of 5.5cm)

* Normal White Cake Box will be provided for min order of 12pcs cupcakes
* Optional:

- Cupcakes box with Insert / Design / Window
Kindly check out:
Individual Packaging / Cupcakes Box Packaging


Delivery Charge

a) Delivery Charge @ SGD25 per location

b) Delivery Locations

Booking of delivery slot is subjected to availability of schedule.

* Additional Charges for Big cakes, multi-tiered cakes, cupcake setups that require extra labour hour and skillful staff for setting up

(We do not deliver to Airport Cargo Building, Changi Airport, Jurong Island etc)

c) Delivery Time Slot:
- 10am - 12pm

- 12pm - 2pm
- 2pm - 4pm
- 4pm - 6pm

d) Are we able to Specific Delivery time?

As delivery is done by a delivery service company, Therefore we are unable to specific a timing for the delivery and do Feel free to provide us with cheaper alternatives.

Self Collection Locations

All cakes can be conveniently collect at: Hougang Ave 7

* By Appointment only


b) What cake flavors & filling do you have?
We only cater to 5 flavors with chocolate fudge as filling

* One flavour for every single tier cake

* You are able to select mixture of flavor for Multi-tiered cakes

1) Chocolate

2) Vanilla

3) Strawberry

4) Lemon

5) Red Velvet


a) How to order? 
We take in orders either by EMAIL, or CLICK HERE

b) How far in advance should I place my order? 
1) Confirmation Orders (PAID) are taken on a first come first serve basis and upon payment received

2) We do not reserved any baking slot till payment received and confirmed by the Team of Sweet Perfection
3) Full Refund will be arrange back to customer if our baking slot is already fully booked and we still received any payment from customers

c) Do you have a retail store where I can walk in an purchase a cake on the spot?
Regret to inform that we are based online (Internet) only

d) Is a deposit required when placing an order?

For Cakes / Cupcakes / Desserts :
1) A S$50 deposit Or Full Payment is required for all orders
2) Balance payment due 3 days before collection or delivery

For Dessert Tables :
1) Full Payment is required for all orders

e) What methods of payment do you accept?
1) We accept, cash, cheque, internet transfer or Paypal (additional 6% on total amount required)
2) Please ensure sufficient clearing time for customers who make use of internet transfer or cheques


1) For Cakes, Cupcakes or Desserts :
- Cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE unless with notice of 30 days or more

2) For Dessert Table :
- Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE once payment made and date confirmed

3) For Hired Items :
- Cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE once payment made and date confirmed


a) Do you make display cakes?
We can make display cakes perfect for bridal events, outdoor weddings or magazine shoots. Please email or contact us us for more information.

b) Can you make picture cakes or cupcakes?
Sweet Perfection does have the capability of printing your pictures, corporate logos or images onto cakes and cupcakes. Displaying your corporate logo on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Corporations have also used picture cakes & cupcakes for new brand launches, retirement dinners, and charity events, and company anniversaries.

c) Rental/Purchase of Display Tier?
1) Kindly CLICK HERE for more information 

2) Additional charges may apply to fresh flower decor, iced board, sugar names and happy birthday wordings, individual packing etc, subject to individual requirements.

d) Do you sell any Decorating kits/Cake Toppers?
No. We do not sell any Decorating Kits/Cake Toppers, but we are able to source and purchase on behalf of customer

e) Do you offer cake or cupcake decorating classes?
Yes, we do offer cake or cupcake decorating classes. Do check out our event schedule for any update information

f) What cream do you use?
We are using Butter cream for our Cream cake.
It holds up very well in hot and humid weather condition

Our Fondant covered cake or Cream cake does NOT need to be refrigerated.
Just keep it in a cool dry place or best to place it in an air conditioned (low humidity) environment

Storing a Fondant covered cake or the cream cake with decorated Fondant figurines in a refrigerator will actually create condensation from forming, as soon as you remove the cake from the refrigerator

g) What is Fondant?
Fondant is a kind of sugar based dough that are rolled out and used as covering for cakes
and provides a smooth finish to cakes.

h) Transporting Cake/Cupcake?
When transporting your cake or cupcake, it should be placed flat on the floor of your car or boot with anti-slip mat.

Don’t put it on a car seat, we’ve done that and trust us it’s not a good idea